Grant(ing) Wishes


What’s this grant all about?

The Next Challenge Grant is a bursary for small expeditions and adventures.  The money comes from Tim Moss, small crowdfunded donations and contributions from other adventurers.  I have been very lucky and have been given a grant to help kick start my adventure.

Many thanks to The Next Challenge and all the contributors to the fund.  See more information and apply for your own adventure @

So what’s my plan?


Simply it is a 2500 mile self-supported mountain bike ride to the North Cape in Norway from my home in Manchester, England.  Above is the outline plan of the trip.  I aim to complete this in 25 days, hopefully the weather will be kind.

When is it taking place?

1st March 2017

Are you raising money for charity?

I am fundraising for WaterAid.  One thing I don’t have to worry about on this trip is drinking water, something that people in third world countries have to worry about when at home.  We are very lucky to have fresh, safe water to drink and this should not be for some, this should be available to every person in the whole world.  WaterAid are here to make a difference and help make this happen.

Please donate to my page

More information is available here:

How can I get involved?

Moral support is always appreciated so messages of support will go a long way to getting me there.  The build-up and the trip will be videoed so watching, linking and commenting will help.

If you have kit to donate for the trip I would be very grateful.  Major kit I currently need are the following:

  • Fatbike
  • 4 season ultralight tent
  • Expedition Sleeping bag
  • Expedition sleeping mat
  • Multi stove
  • Winter Cycling Boots

2 thoughts on “Grant(ing) Wishes

  1. Hi Karl,
    It was good you got down from the expanse. The roads in and out of Alta are closed. The road north has mandatory columns, so I don’t know if you will be allowed across on a bike. Check for realtime map of all closed roads.

    Best of luck, and be careful.

    Paul & Cristina, the Vito that got stuck.

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    1. Hi Paul & Cristina
      It was fun out there today 🙂 Thanks for stopping and sorry you got stuck. I’ll keep checking the roads and hoping for the best. Have fun on your new snowmobile 🙂
      Kind Regards

      Liked by 1 person

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